Councillors Call for Heroin Overdose Task Force

Recognizing there is an epidemic in their own backyard, two councillors have called for the formation of a Heroin Overdose Task Force.

Councillors Jessica Giannino and Brian Arrigo have banded together to make the issue of opioid abuse one that isn’t ignored.

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Councillor Arrigo Wants Future Snow Plan

“We need to hold the private contractors accountable,” he said. “Many of the Revere contractors went out of town because the pay was better.”

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Arrigo: "Reaching Our Full Potential as a City"

Reaching Our Full Potential as a City
November 11, 2014

Last Thursday night the City Council’s Economic Development Subcommittee met to discuss my proposal to start crafting a long-term comprehensive plan for the City of Revere. While I am encouraged by some of the incremental progress we’ve made over the last three years, there is no doubt in my mind that the long-term city-wide comprehensive planning process I am proposing is a crucial next step we need to take as a community. After Thursday’s presentation, I’m left with one lingering question: Where’s the beef? Mayor Dan Rizzo and Economic Development Director John Festa promised to present the Economic Development Subcommittee with the comprehensive plan they have been working on. What we received was a vague presentation with half-sentence bullet points outlining the same old tired promises of hotels and commercial development that have yet to produce any tangible results. No detailed strategies were explained, no action items were presented and most importantly, no timelines were offered regarding the next steps the administration is planning to take.

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Arrigo Calls for Comprehensive Master Planning Process

Councillor Brian Arrigo started things out by calling for a comprehensive re-zoning and Master Planning process as a way to move the City forward without a casino.

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