Fact Check: The Budget

It’s time for some good news ... and a fact check. 

I am proud to share that the 2020 Budget passed with overwhelming support from the voting Revere City Councillors, who universally lauded the Department Heads for their presentations to the Ways & Means Committee. 

The majority of our Councillors were incredibly supportive of the smart financial decisions that have defined my time as Mayor, commending the necessary upgrades, Revere’s good financial standing, and the significant improvements in the delivery of city services. 

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I'm running for re-election - join me as we continue to build a better Revere

With tremendous pride in Revere, and excitement about our future, I am officially running for re-election as Mayor of our great city.

Four years ago, we set off to prove that fresh, forward-thinking leadership would allow Revere to tap into its tremendous potential.

We conducted a thorough, comprehensive review of the City’s finances, to make sure we are spending taxpayer dollars wisely. That audit process discovered nearly $2.2 million that had been withering in 86 different accounts that were inactive for years. We immediately put that money to work for you.

That was just the beginning.  Since then, we have enacted sound financial management practices that have helped Revere achieve new levels of financial stability and its highest bond rating in history.

Due to our careful control of the city’s finances, we were able to give Revere residents their first water and sewer rate decrease in 20 years - and we’ll be cutting rates again this year. We also enacted a real estate tax break for eligible seniors, supporting some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Over the last three years, we’ve made record investments in city services to improve your quality of life. We’ve given the DPW much-needed new equipment and more workers, delivered over 16,000 heavy-duty trash containers to every residential property in the city, and increased funding to repair streets and sidewalks. We also made it easier and more transparent than ever to request a pothole repair or trash cleanup with our new 311 phone system and app.

We’re rebuilding Revere’s commercial tax base and making our beachfront more active and dynamic. We’re in the midst of a record period of commercial investment in the city, with more to come when the redevelopment of Suffolk Downs breaks ground - bringing much needed jobs, amenities, and over $50 million annually in revenue to invest in our residents.

But the accomplishments of our first term are only just the beginning. With your help, we’ll make our city even stronger over the next four years.

Over the last four years, we’ve worked to make Revere a more modern city, making it easier and more convenient to interact with city hall. We will work over the next four years to put even more city services online, and create a “mobile city hall” to brings city services directly to each of our neighborhoods.

Later this year, we are going to open a Community Center at the Garfield school that will provide programming for Revere residents of all ages.

We are going to guide the redevelopment of Suffolk Downs and complete a comprehensive, thoughtful master plan for the city, in conjunction with the thousands of residents who have participated in our “Next Stop Revere” planning process.

We are going to continue to manage the budget effectively, so that we can provide more relief to ratepayers and taxpayers, while delivering the highest level of service to our residents.

And we are going to build a new Revere High School that will reflect the exemplary standards that our students, staff, and teachers have established in our award-winning public schools.  The new Revere High School will be the kind of facility they deserve.

This is an exciting moment for Revere, but now is a time for continued bold ideas. Now is not the time to turn back the clock. Revere will continue to flourish under management that is transparent, accountable, and collaborative - and that is the kind of leadership I pledge to you over the next four years.

I encourage you to get involved in our campaign and our efforts to keep moving Revere forward. Visit www.brianarrigo.com to learn more or to sign up to volunteer.

It has been the honor of my life to serve as the Mayor of our City, and it would be my honor to work with you for four more years.

Mayor Arrigo's Campaign Kickoff - Saturday, March 4

Mayor Brian Arrigo will officially launch his campaign for re-election on Saturday, May 4, hosting a series of kick-off events.

Volunteers are invited to meet at Mayor Arrigo's new campaign headquarters (26 Revere St) at 8 AM for sign holding on Broadway.

The campaign will host a kickoff breakfast from 10:30 AM-12 PM at Casa Lucia, giving volunteers and other residents an opportunity to hear from the Mayor.

Interested supporters can participate in door knocking from 12-3 PM, departing from Casa Lucia.

Additionally, the campaign headquarters at 26 Revere St will host an open house from 1-4 PM, giving residents an opportunity to learn more about the campaign and how to get involved.

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Big Things To Come For Revere Parks & Recreation in 2018: Making Revere Fun for All Ages

By Mayor Brian Arrigo and Michael Hinojosa, Director of Revere Parks and Recreation 
This is the second of a pair of articles highlighting the achievements of Revere Parks and Recreation in 2017 and introducing more of what’s to come in 2018.
Last week’s article details the steps Revere Parks and Recreation took to become a better department in 2017. Student feedback resulted in a record expansion of the summer camp program; the addition of a free weekly Video Game Club; monthly Friday Night Open Gym; an intramural High School Basketball League; and the opening of a Teen Center.
But as excited as we are about everything we achieved in 2017, we know that we can always do more. As long as there are students or parents in Revere who don't feel like there is a program for them, we must do more. Thanks to this administration's willingness to invest in staff and facilities, we will take more steps forward in 2018, so that we can continue to make this city fun and safe for people of all ages.
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A Great Year and A Promising Future For Revere Recreation

by Mayor Brian Arrigo and Michael Hinojosa, Director, Revere Parks and Recreation

The Revere Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for a great number of events and programs for the city and its residents including basketball leagues, baseball clinics, drop-in plays for toddlers, cooking classes, T-Ball and special events such as the Fall Festival, Fright Night, the Tree Lighting and the 4th of July BBQ. However, despite all of this current programming and success, we recognize that we can always be better, and we can always try and do more. This growth mindset motivated the department in 2017 and we went into the year with a goal of expanding and improving our offerings in unprecedented ways.

The end result was a record breaking year for our department. Our summer camp saw its highest enrollment in the department’s history. Movie nights on Revere Beach were paired with weekly sponsors whose contributions covered all of the department movie night costs. And our toddler sports program switched from outside vendors to an in-house instructor, resulting in a better and more affordable program for Revere families.

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