Mayor Arrigo Speaks at the State House to Advocate For Anti-Gang Programming

Revere Mayor Brian Arrigo spoke at "Community Safety Day on the Hill" on Thursday at the State House, speaking on behalf of the Metropolitan Mayors Coalition to advocate for funding for anti-gang programming. 

The Shannon Grant program funds Revere's Police Activities League, which connects at-risk youth with positive role models and opportunities to play sports. Shannon Grant funding is also used to help Revere Police patrol hotspots and fund youth employment opportunities.

The Mayor also advocated for the Safe and Successful Youth Initiative (SSYI), which provides services to young men age 17-24 at risk of getting involved in gang violence. The program includes street outreach, workforce development, case management, educational support, and mental health counseling.

These efforts are crucial in Revere and neighboring communities. Many young men in this demographic have numerous issues that need to be addressed holistically; they may lack education, be battling substance abuse, or are at risk of getting involved in gang activity.

"Studies have shown that these programs are effective in reducing youth violence," said Mayor Arrigo. "As such, funding these programs should be seen as an investment, which will bear fruit in cost savings thanks to reduced rates of incarceration, drug abuse, and other social ills."

"I urge the State Legislature to increase funding for these crucial programs, and appreciate having the opportunity to speak about this important issue."

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