Mayor Arrigo's Statement Regarding City's Legal Action

“Over the last few weeks, Revere voters have been subject to misinformation surrounding the attempt to put an additional local question on the ballot regarding a proposed slot parlor in Revere. The misinformation has run the gamut from suggestions that this proposal can “save Suffolk Downs,” to attempts to blur the lines between the state question already on the ballot and the proposed local special election.

Ultimately, as Mayor, my job is to protect the city’s interests. As a result, I have to consider the facts. Here are the facts in this instance:

The current effort regarding a local ballot initiative amounts to putting the cart before the horse, and could be a huge waste of taxpayer dollars.

Voters in the Commonwealth will weigh in on the ballot question in November on whether or not they want an additional slots facility in the state. To this point, they have not had that opportunity to vote.

The current proposal for a local ballot initiative is asking Revere residents to make a vote based on no information – no proposed host community agreement, no mitigation package, no plan for infrastructure improvements, and no guarantee that the State will even allow for another slots parlor.

If the proponents are successful in their attempt to have an additional local special election outside of the statewide question already on the ballot in November, the city could waste tens of thousands of dollars on a local vote that could be rendered moot if the statewide ballot initiative doesn’t pass.

Our goal in going to court was to seek an injunction to ensure that that we know if another slot parlor license will be available. Without that knowledge, our city would be rushed in to a haphazard, money-wasting and potentially moot special election in October.”

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  • Brian Arrigo
    published this page in News 2016-08-31 14:13:33 -0400
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