Mayor Arrigo's Statement Regarding Former Chief Joseph Cafarelli

To the residents of Revere:

As your Mayor, I pledge to always address issues in an honest and transparent manner, and I promise to always deal in facts. 

Unfortunately, there has been a lot of conversation around the status of former Police Chief Joe Cafarelli that is not grounded in facts or reality.

Out of respect for him, his service, and the Revere Police Department, I have gone out of my way to not disparage former Chief Cafarelli over the last number of months, or air out any issues publicly. Despite this, my administration has been the target of false and misleading statements.

On social media, and during Monday’s City Council meeting, I was accused of somehow disparaging the former Chief’s family, and denying them access to health insurance coverage. These statements are false.

As a husband and as a father of two small children, I take deep offense to these false statements.

Let me clearly lay out the facts:

  • Joseph Cafarelli served the city honorably for five years as Chief, and 26 years as an officer in the Revere Police Department.

  • It was my decision and my prerogative as Mayor - just as it was for every Mayor before me - to not extend his contract as Chief, and to go in a different direction.

  • On July 1, Chief Cafarelli’s employment with the City of Revere ended. Per City policy, his family’s health insurance continued through the end of that month, July 31.

  • As with any employee whose term has ended with the City, Chief Cafarelli was offered the option to purchase health insurance for the month of August.  The Human Resources department actively reached out to explain his coverage options, which actually turned out to be “deferred retirement” coverage -- a less expensive option than COBRA. He was treated exactly as we would treat any other employee. He turned down health insurance coverage for August. He actually did choose to purchase dental coverage through the City for the month of August, but declined health insurance.

  • As of August 20, Chief Cafarelli formally retired and now receives an annual pension of $134,368. He is also eligible to be covered by retiree health insurance moving forward.

  • On two separate occasions, the City negotiated to conclusion very generous separation agreements with Cafarelli’s attorneys, only for him to refuse to sign. The City remains interested in reaching an amicable resolution.

  • I urge the public to take a moment and think skeptically about the bizarre, insulting, and blatantly false messages that come from those who have attempted to make the former Chief’s status a political issue. I'm going to continue to respect the residents, the police department, and the former Chief himself by keeping the remainder of our issues private.

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