Mayor Arrigo's Remarks at Swearing-In of Five Lieutenants of Revere Fire Department

Good afternoon.

Welcome to this important day for the City of Revere, as we welcome five new firefighters to the rank of Lieutenant.


I’d like to thank all the elected officials who took the time to join us today.

I’d also like to thank Chief Chris Bright, who continues to be an outstanding leader for this department and for the City of Revere.

Thanks to the Chief’s strong leadership, as well as the hard work of each and every firefighter, the Revere Fire Department continues to excel.

This is a City that is always proud of its public servants. But sometimes, the importance of our Fire Department comes into sharper focus.

That happened for us just two months ago, when a terrible fire burned down two homes and displaced over a dozen residents on Taft St.

Unsurprisingly, our Fire Department responded with tremendous skill and courage. They helped get our residents to safety, prevented further property damage, and quickly connected displaced residents with resources.

This fire was an important reminder of the service and sacrifice of those who wear the uniform, and we as a city are incredibly grateful.

As we all know - especially the family members of our firefighters who joined us today - this challenging and important work happens all the time, not just when the news cameras are rolling.

Every day, the Fire Department is responding to medical calls; saving lives by reversing opioid overdoses; and working with residents and businesses to prevent fires from happening in the first place.

As Mayor, I’m thankful for all your hard work, and I’m honored to be a part of ceremonies like this one.

The continued success of our Fire Department relies on those who have proven themselves to be among the best and the brightest, and who seek to further their careers within the department.

The five men we honor today as they earn their promotion to Lieutenant have demonstrated their commitment to our community, and to public safety. We thank each of them for their service.

To the five new Lieutenants of the Revere Fire Department:

>> Robert Mansfield

>> Sean Griffin

>> Michael O’Hara

>> Kevin Doherty


>> Michael Conley

I offer my sincerest congratulations, on behalf of the entire community.

Please come forward; the clerk will administer the oath.

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