Councillors Call for Heroin Overdose Task Force

Recognizing there is an epidemic in their own backyard, two councillors have called for the formation of a Heroin Overdose Task Force.

Councillors Jessica Giannino and Brian Arrigo have banded together to make the issue of opioid abuse one that isn’t ignored.

Giannino said there has been a statewide increase in opioid abuse and overdoses.

“We need a solution and have a plan to let police help educate the public,” she said last week.

Arrigo concurred that the opioid problem exists in the city, state and nation. Gov. Charlie Baker has started a working group along with Attorney General Maura Healey. He hopes there might be funding available to help find a solution.

“We can make a dent in this issue,” Arrigo said. “There has been a 46 percent increase.”

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