• Created a 311 Constituent Services Call Center to ensure residents can easily get accurate answers from courteous professionals. This system sends all calls to one location, and any requests are logged and tracked as they are issued as work orders to specific departments.  Gone are the days when your call would get transferred to whomever picked up the phone at city hall and your request would be jotted down on a scrap of paper. No longer does a resident have to hope that their concern gets heard or have to “know” someone to get their request met. In 2018 alone, our new 311 department fielded more than 23,000 constituent service calls.
  • Established a Human Resources Department to ensure the city follows state and federal employment laws surrounding posting of jobs, the hiring process, internal discipline and termination of employees. We ended wasteful practices such as full-time pay for part-time employees.
  • Fully redesigned the official city website with new navigation, fresh content, more functionality and the ability to translate the site into over 100 languages. It also provides improved access for the sight-impaired. The new design is aimed at making it easier for residents to find information - such as the calendar of city-sponsored events and meetings or data and statistics about our city -- making city government more accessible.  
  • Created three new city apps -- Revere CodeRED Alerts, Revere311, and Revere Trash/Street Sweep App -- to enable residents to easily interface with city hall and make it easier to receive notifications that range from keeping residents informed in critical situations to changes to the regular trash pick-up schedule.  
  • Implemented the ability to pay city bills online, an alternative option to having to go down to city hall to pay in person or put the payment in the mail.  
  • Completed a record amount of sidewalk and street repairs through systematic tracking of the 311 Department and designation of funds with approval from the City Council from free cash.
  • Uncovered $2.2 million dollars that was sitting inactive for years in 86 different accounts during the city-wide financial review conducted by an outside company 
  • Earned an AA rating, the highest bond rating in the city’s history, with Standard and Poor stating: “We believe Revere’s budgetary flexibility will likely remain very strong with management’s continuous efforts to reduce overspending and tighten expenditure control.” 
  • Repaired City Hall’s neglected roof and clock tower as first steps to restoring both the function and beauty of the historic building. 
  • Oversaw creation of Mobile City Hall to increase accessibility and have a presence in neighborhoods throughout the city.
  • Introduced online permitting to the Inspectional Services Department, bringing permit applications online in a more accessible forum for homeowners and contractors. 
  • Cleaned out and fixed the once corrupt Parking Department while overseeing the installation of smart parking meters which are seeing an all-time high in revenue. 
  • Revived the Commission on Disabilities.
  • Made sure that all City Hall meetings complied with the open meeting laws, some of which were not adequately publicized and/or previously closed to the public.



Safety and cleanliness are every mayor’s top priorities and my administration has provided the funding and staffing for our DPW, Fire and Police to do their jobs to the best of their ability

  • Strengthened public safety by hiring an additional 10 new police officers and 9 new firefighters to their respective departments.
  • Opening an additional police substation on Shirley Ave.
  • Provided a new ladder truck to the Central Fire Station & began the process to build a long-overdue fire station in the Point of Pines which closed over 20 years ago.  
  • Introduced new rodent proof standardized trash barrels to more than 16,000 residents city-wide and introduced pink donation bags to provide residents with a curbside pick-up option for clothing, household goods and textiles.
  • Invested in the DPW with new equipment and more staff to bring the department up to modern standards & began building a new DPW facility, which was dilapidated and unsound for well beyond a decade.
  • Installed a new “Welcome to Revere” sign at the bridge on the Chelsea side of Broadway for all to see as they enter Revere. 
  • Established the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Office to increase residents' access to substance use-related services to fight the opioid epidemic.   
  • Overseeing the $2 million MassWorks grants for the Shirley Ave neighborhood to bring infrastructure upgrades and beautification projects to the area.
  • Demolished the eye-sore that was the former Wonderland Greyhound Park, which was allowed to sit vacant for years as it became more and more dilapidated.
  • Resurfaced the Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center parking lot so residents and visitors have a safe place to park and walk.
  • Installed permanent speed signs that detect vehicles' speed throughout Revere with more to come in order to slow vehicles on reportedly busy streets.  

A high quality of life for our residents means working to make sure we have great programming and top notch shared spaces for all to enjoy

  • Created the George V. Colella Multi-Cultural Center, a new community center at the Garfield School to open during the Fall of 2019 with access for residents to new programming and classes as well as access to the pool and gymnasium.
  • Brought RCN to Revere, giving residents a second cable provider to create competition between companies to ultimately provide choice and potentially lower fees.  
  • Implemented new programming and events for all residents through our Department of Parks & Recreation, including family-friendly events such as “Trunk or Treat” and Fall Fest.
  • Expanded on the Snow Angels Program to provide assistance to more seniors by our JRTOC students.
  • Introduced Toys for Tickets program in Parking Office during the holiday season - providing hundreds to toys to needy Revere children in lieu of payment of a limited amount in parking violations.  
  • Opened the “Connect Program” in partnership with the Neighborhood Developers and the International Institute of New England to offer a free hospitality career training program to Revere residents, including support in interview preparation, resume building, job placement and financial coaching.
  • Worked with DCR to build new public restrooms and a satellite DCR maintenance facility on Revere Beach.
  • Oversaw the completion of the concession stand and bathrooms at St. Mary’s fields.
  • Some of Mayor Arrigo's recreational improvements & upgrades:
    • Oak Island Park (playground and softball field)
    • Sonny Myers Park (grant application to renovate playground)
    • Lincoln School (new playground and renovated gym floor)
    • Gibson Park (playground, baseball field and golf practice area)
    • Whelan School (tot lot refresh)
    • Costa Park (playground refresh)
    • Consiglia Dello Russo Park (playground behind Paul Revere School)
    • Harmon Park (playground and basketball court)
    • Beachmont School (indoor gym floor and outside basketball courts)
    • Curtis Park (playground and baseball field)
    • Revere High School (indoor gym floor)
    • Garfield School (renovated gym floor)
    • Little Library Program (various neighborhoods throughout Revere)     

Schools are where our children practice the skills to become successful adults 

  • Fought for and was granted the approval for a new Revere High School.
  • Sought and received approval for a $365,000 grant to implement key school safety measures.
  • Allocated $5,000 to each varsity sports team and club in order to strengthen the after-school options available to our high school students.
  • Allocated $10,000 to each for school for participatory budgeting.

Addressing affordability for our most vulnerable residents with an eye towards the rising home values and the rental housing crisis affecting our entire region

  • Implemented the new Senior Tax Exemption Program - giving nearly a thousand qualifying seniors $500 off their property taxes. 
  • Implemented a Veteran Tax Exemption for all those who qualify under the federal definition of veteran.
  • Laid the groundwork to be able to efficiently implement a city-wide 10% owner-occupied residential tax exemption program.
  • Lowered the Water & Sewer Rate in 2018 for the first time in more than a decade and lowered it again in 2019.
  • Expanded the Water & Sewer Senior Discount Program.
  • Partnered with Citizens Energy to implement a new low-income community shared solar program that will help 150 households in Revere save money on electricity.


  • Engaged in a comprehensive master planning process called “Next Stop Revere” that has been underway for the better part of the last two years. The City of Revere hosted a series of community forums in multiple languages with available childcare to gain insight and thoughts from our residents and business owners in a collaborative process to plan for our city’s future.
  • Fought to prevent a slot parlor from making Revere it's home. 
  • Re-zoned the NECCO property to be 100% commercial with unanimous support from the City Council and have been working with property management to attract commercial redevelopment at the site.
  • Fought to get the Red Line/Blue Line Connection prioritized by state agencies. 
  • Required the developer of Suffolk Downs, which, according to projections will conservatively net $30 million dollars to the City after accounting for the City's anticipated related expenses, to guarantee a minimum of 50% of the square footage will be commercial development when the site is fully built -- this mixed-use, transit-oriented project that will provide Revere with well-paying jobs; and a new, vibrant neighborhood with restaurants, retail and recreational space for all residents to enjoy. 
  • The residential building permitted during my term along the beach and throughout Shirley Ave and Broadway was required to have a commercial component. Mixed-use projects were a campaign promise that I keep in mind every time a project requires a variance or zoning relief. This is a departure from the residential development of the previous administration which permitted 900+ units without any commercial component, thereby missing opportunities to create places that could be enjoyed by the rest of our residents.
  • Permitted the first hotel in 20+ years along with several others and permitted the first new restaurant on Revere Beach in decades which is scheduled to open next month.
  • Welcomed new businesses to Revere:
    • Philly Pretzel Factory at Albert Brown Circle
    • SeekingOm yoga studio on Dehon Street
    • DaBomb BBQ restaurant on Broadway
    • 4Season Boba Tea on Shirley Ave
    • Hook & Reel cajun restaurant in the Wonderland Marketplace
    • EZ Pie restaurant on Squire Rd
    • Brewin’ Cafe on Broadway
    • D’Parma Restaurant on Broadway
    • Nino’s Restaurant & Bar at Bell Circle 
    • Casablanca House of Pastries in the Wonderland Marketplace
    • Get Air Revere indoor trampoline park in the Wonderland Marketplace 
    • Dryft restaurant and Fine Line opening September 2019 on Revere Beach
  • Welcomed the Neighborhood PACE center at the former Mottola Post in Revere, which provides integrated medical care, socialization, rehabilitation, and therapeutic recreation all in one community-centered location for older adults.
  • Advocating on behalf of Revere to receive money from Encore casino as a "surrounding community” given that Revere shares a border with Everett, and created a Casino Advisory Commission to track the long-term impacts our city experiences from the operation of a nearby gaming facility, including traffic, crime and addiction among other potential negative consequences. 
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