Since taking office, Brian has:

  • Modernized and professionalized City Hall and made it easier and more transparent than ever to request city services like a pothole repair or trash cleanup with our new 311 phone system and app.
  • Conducted a thorough, comprehensive review of the City's finances, to make sure we are spending taxpayer dollars wisely.  That audit process discovered nearly $2.2 million that had been sitting in 86 different account for years.  
  • Invested a record amount of money in infrastructure improvements including sidewalks and street upgrades.  
  • Implemented a uniform trash barrel program and extermination plan to attack the rodent infestations.
  • Gave Revere residents their first water and sewer rate decrease in 20 years - and we are cutting rates again this year.
  • Enacted a real estate tax break for eligible seniors, supporting some of the most vulnerable members of our community, and, making final preparations on a proposal for a 10% owner-occupied tax exemption for our residents.  
  • Fought for and received initial approval to build a new Revere High School.  
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