Plan for a Better Revere

Revere is a city of tremendous opportunity: the best public beach in Greater Boston, a great urban public school system, and close-knit neighborhoods that make the city a place generations of my family and yours have raised their kids.

Revere deserves an accountable, responsive city government that provides a vision for moving Revere forward:

  • Institute tax relief for homeowners with a 10% homeowner property tax reduction, rewarding those who own and live in their homes, investing and believing in Revere;

  • Create a comprehensive, transparent and inclusive plan based on community input that would provide a roadmap for the type of development and growth we want to see in our neighborhoods. Growth should be planned based on our community values not the developers'.

  • Promote commercial development in Revere by improving and expanding neighborhood commercial centers like Revere Beach and Shirely Avenue, and supporting a business-friendly environment in City Hall with clear and uniform rules for everybody.  

  • Implement a professional human resources process that follows best hiring practices to bring the best and brightest public servants and provide top notch, efficient city services.  Our residents deserves the best value for their taxes.

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