Mayor Announces “Beautify Revere” Series; First Cleanup Event April 16 at Oak Island Park

Mayor Brian Arrigo announced this week the launch of the “Beautify Revere” series, a set of cleanup events around the city scheduled throughout the year.

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Mayor Arrigo Announces 2016 Citywide Fitness Challenge & 5K

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Mayor Brian Arrigo is proud to announce that the Revere Citywide Fitness Challenge and 5K will return this year, in partnership with fitness-focused organizations from around the City. Residents will have the opportunity to sample classes from several health clubs, with an opportunity to win prizes. The celebration of fitness will culminate in the annual Revere Runs 5K on June 11, 2016.

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Getting Revere's Budget in Order

In my first months as Mayor, I have made the city budget my top priority. As someone who has spent the last decade of my career working on budgets, I understand firsthand the importance of having a budget that addresses the city’s needs while keeping the taxpayer in mind. The residents of Revere pay significant taxes and they should trust their elected officials to spend those tax dollars as wisely and efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, that has not been the case in recent years.

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Thank You for Sharing Your Views on Revere’s Future

Please read my op-ed published in the Revere Journal:

As we head into the last few days of the most important election Revere has seen in decades, I want to thank all of the residents I met during this campaign. You’ve opened your doors and your living rooms to me, and told me about your needs, your hopes, and your concerns.

You’ve told me about Revere’s desire for a more open, honest, and effective city government – and I have heard you loud and clear.

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Setting the Record Straight

Published in the Revere Journal:

All over Revere, voters are responding to our campaign’s positive message about the future of this city. Revere’s taxpayers want to see change. They want to see out of control spending reined in at City Hall. They want to see meaningful commercial development that creates jobs and tax revenue in Revere. They want to see a city government that is focused on the fundamentals ​- addressing the needs and concerns of the taxpayers from day one, instead of doing what’s politically convenient in an election year.

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Relief for Revere’s Homeowners Is Needed Now

Published in the Revere Journal:

Revere has always been a place where people want to stay and raise their children, get involved in community organizations, and participate in city politics. I am running for Mayor because I want to preserve and grow the civic involvement and sense of community that encouraged me to go into public service. That’s why I am calling for a property tax exemption for owner-occupied homes to encourage and reward home-ownership.

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In This Mayor’s Race, Let’s Focus on Solutions

Published in the Revere Journal:

The suggestion that I am personally responsible for the major troubles facing the MBTA and MassDOT shows just how desperate and oblivious Dan Rizzo really is. A week after flip-flopping his position on residential development, Rizzo is now flip-flopping on his campaign promise to remain positive and “build-up instead of tear down.” Dan Rizzo is now trying to rely on false statements and innuendos to get re-elected.

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Primary Election Rally

Please RSVP on Facebook and join the rest of the committee for our Primary Election Rally!

Campaign Kick-Off Meeting

Join us at 1PM on Saturday June 27th at my house to talk about the future of the City of Revere.

Arrigo Pulls Papers: Will Run for Mayor

From the Revere Journal:

Councillor At-Large Brian Arrigo officially pulled nomination papers on Monday morning to be a candidate for the Mayor of Revere.

“I have truly enjoyed serving as City Councillor on the Revere City Council since 2012, being an outspoken advocate for the best interests of the taxpayers and ratepayers of Revere, asking the difficult questions, and voting my conscience,” said Arrigo.

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